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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Ranting Mood

Random Sidenote: My Cat, Chloe, is My Main Chick, Be Jeal!

*Rant #1: Predestination and luck are based on the same sentiments. Both shouldn't be used as an excuse to sit around and wait for things to happen. Don't wait for life to happen to you, happen to life.

*Rant #2: I have decided to delete all songs that objectify women from my itunes. That's right, "every girl" has to go! Unacceptable. Don't get me wrong, i'm not your stereotypical super-crazy feminist but, objectification primes you to be disrespected. If you listen to these things on a regular basis, you will get used to them. Next thing you know some dude is disrespecting you. Because you were primed for it, maybe your okay with that too! Nah uh, Ladies!

In Wale's song, The Manipulation, he says that when he uses the word bitch, it's meant to be artistic not disrespectful. He further explains by saying that there are 2 types of guys you will meet, the ones that will call you by your name or the ones that will call you a bitch-->You choose!
The word bitch would be referring to ignorant birds, who will do anything for a buck or their 15 minutes, not real women who he would actually want to involve himself with. Real women respect themselves and wouldn't stand for objectification, which leads to disrespect, which leads to....hmm the possibilities. Don't be that bitch, take a stand!

If you want to see some more analysis of this visit Poet Intellect, A cool blog i've recently discovered!
Listen for yourself

EDIT: I know i make loads of typos.I'm constantly proofreading old posts, like wtf was i talking about? Feel free to make corrections.

'Til Next Time, Bitches!

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