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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't You Just Love A Man With Tattoos?....yum

Tattoo fetishes and scar fetishes are different sides of the same coin.
But what is it about inked up or scarred men? Maybe it's the fact that they possibly have a story to tell or a cross to bear. or is it every girl's secret yearning for the bad boy? Is it our admiration of their use of the male body, preferably toned, as a canvas? Do we enjoy delving in the self expression of others?

Let's be honest half of you just think men with tattoos are easy to g-mac on.
I know the deal you ask the meaning of one of their more interesting inked emblems then you precede to gush about a supposedly similar interest and badabaaammm. Sly Mo-fos!

Well anyway these are some of my favorite tatted men ;)

Trey Songz in Urban Ink ;b... (that was my attempt at making a drooling smiley)

Travis Barker

The Beautiful, Justin Timberlake

Travis McCoy (please take Katy Perry away from Russel Brand!)

The Infamous John Mayer

Johnny Depp

Colin Farrell

Wiz Khalifa

Who are your favorite tattooed men?

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