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Monday, April 19, 2010

Celebrity Spotlight: Ciara

In case you guys didn't know, I love artists who are hungry in the way that they pursue their craft. It's like they will do anything and everything to get ahead. ('Cause i feel the exact same way!)
Well anyway, Ciara seems to be back and better than ever with her new track "Basic Instinct (U Got Me)" I love her swag, and her style! Sexy/street without trying too hard? yess, it seems like the industry is becoming some kind of contest of who can be the most unique and eccentric which is a bit hard to digest at times. Thanks for being refreshing CeeCee!

P.S. The game is getting cut-throat. Artists are coming after eachother (Mia & Grace Jones vs. Lady Gaga, Ciara vs. Keri Hilson, Spectacular vs. Every Male R&B artist) Also, Why do R&B artists seem to feel the need to gain street credibility by rapping and putting out mixtapes? Somebody hip me to what's going on with modern music. I'm so confused.

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