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Sunday, May 16, 2010

This Poem Doesn't Even Exist

Nobody tells me I'm pretty.
My hipsterish ways should act as the great wall that keeps this from effecting me.
Beauty is in everyone, everything.
It's just that the beauty of some is more critically acclaimed.
So why do I, as an underground gem, crave the standing of a Top 40 ho?

"My beauty comes in the form of shifty eyes bouncing up and down from my curls to my ankles, shy glances, static stares, greetings and goodbyes;
only observed, never possessed by anyone but me.
My beauty? It's the truth! It doesn't sell-out," she said
as the True Religion jean wearing stranger whistled at her, the tune of her youth, in his laceless shoes.
"Ayo ma, psssssst pssssssssst...that chip on your shoulder sure looks like it tastes good," he said
striking me with the fear that my closet beliefs, backyard desires, and situational ideologies wouldn't hold up with a knife at my neck and a gun to my head,
as i write these words in black ink on black paper in this pitch black room. This poem doesn't even exist.

"My beauty is sneaky and ruthless, covert and quiet. It doesn't glow in the dark!"

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Food for Thought: The Psychology of Sex

View more Psychology of Sex Videos from

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Love Body Paint!

Lady GaGa Calls Her Fans Monsters, I Call My Friends Kittens

The cat is the best part of this. Oh yeah, she looks nice too.
Tamara Mellon, founder and President of Jimmy Choo.
Represent for the girls!
is she inspiring or what?

People think i'm obsessed with cats but really I just use the word kitten as a euphemism for any and every word. =)

Join in on the kitten trend!

Cat face sweater and Tiger crop top are 
Both from Topshop
(My favorite!)

 & the jewelry is by GoodWood! (I'm partial to the earrings!)

Friday, May 7, 2010

B.B. Homemaker did it.
Now I'm kind of fascinated...

If their target audience isn't children...

[No embed code for this one]
Jay Z - La La La
But Click Here

Lil Wayne - La La

Chris Webby - La La La

This may or may not be a huge problem.
Next step, selling it on ice cream trucks along with those candy cigarettes.
Come on, Let's all make nursery rhyme-sounding songs about drugs. Everyone's doing it!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Originals vs. Samples

Really Lindsay?
I have no idea what to say about this.

Aaaaah, that's more like it!

Let's visit some good remakes/samples and erase that from our brains. Shall we?

Check the

Now for the remake!

I Have NO idea who made the original of this there are just so many damn versions!
Here's a notable one.



Listen to the Remake!

Are people allowed to be that attractive? Daamn, it's that tigeraso!

On to the next

Vs. the marvelous Remake!

Phew...I feel better now. How about you?

El Tigeerraassoooo

This is what i'd like to call productive procrastination. It's when you direct all your procrastination into performing one particular task so when you fail at life you at least have something to show for it!

So i heard this song El Tigeraso by Maluca and now it's my jaaaam!
The Beat, The Sodacans, the everything. Love Love Love, Check it out!

What's up with "El Tigeraso"?

Dominicans call the bad boys on the corner who are up to no good – but who have mad swag – Tigeres. "El Tigeraso" is the game or swag. Growing up, I would go visit my cousins or grandma Uptown. Back then, you couldn't get from one corner to the next without those "Tigeres" trying to holler at you. It was kinda outta control. Especially if you walked down Broadway. So the song "El Tigeraso" is poking fun at that whole situation. When I say "throwing all that Tigeraso in air," I mean: "You're throwing so much game at me (literally it's in the air... kinda like a fog) that I can't even get to next corner. Wassup wit that?"

From Maluca's Interview with Mun2

Around My Way We Call Them Limones, mhm. Well maybe that's just me and my friends.
All other things aside, I love me some Tigeres!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Summer To Do List 2010: Explore NYC

So I've been making a summer to do list and one of the things on my list is to explore NYC. I Love NYC so why not? Here are a few websites that tell you everything going on in the Big Apple! I'm overwhelmed just looking at all the possibilities...

First Step: Getting there and getting around once you get there!

This may be useful for my Long Islanders! The easiest way to get the train schedule!

Other transportation websites
I love this one!

Second Step: Where am i gonna go? Equipped with reviews!

I just discovered this site today and i think i love it!

I use this one all the time! It tells you price ranges and such so...

This one's pretty tourist-y, but also tells you about concerts going on!

For my broke college students this has a bunch of free events!

A few more that i haven't really checked out:

Borrough Specific Sites!

BX -
Staten Island -
Brooklyn -
Queens -
Manhattan -

Tell me if you know any more good ones!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A little this, A little that


(This photo is by themorrigan @ deviant art)
So...there's a distinct difference between telling someone step by step how to do something and inspiring them to create their own different maybe more developed interpretation. (Btdubz this is what i love about Nylon Magazine. Now that i've matured i can move on from the step by step of Seventeen and do my own thing ooowww)

If you've read Steve Harvey's "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man." You would know that this is the essence of that book. I avoided the last 2 chapters like the plague cause wtf does that hafta do with me? but really the book is just about the psychology of the male versus the psychology of the female and how the female can manipulate that to get what they want out of a relationship. it's not like "make sure u put your hair in a red scrunchie every third thursday of the month." No no no! Lord knows i hate crap like that.

Why go from this

to This?


Well I was just on Facebook and if your an avid facebookee you've probably seen that group called "why do guys cheat on pretty girls with ugly girls?" or something like that. Some guys actually commented on the wall to give some incite saying things like "it's because the male mindset focuses on quantity, while the female mind focuses on quality." or in less words, they just wanna spread their damn seed.

I just saw this video posted in my newsfeed. (People may either get hyped up or tight cause my subject matter can reflect their statuses but i don't watch the news so...You guys inspire me! I don't care either way cause that means you reading my blog =) therefore I looove yooouu.)

This video explains the cheating idea more in depth.

Feel free to comment. Imaginary friends are cool and all but not for a blog!