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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Excuse to Get Naked or Making a Statement?

[I can't wait til my hair gets this long.]

So Erykah Badu's New Video for "Window Seat" came out recently!
The song is pretty dope. It's about wanting to move away from your current situation for peace of mind, but hoping your presence is missed once your gone.
I'm a bit confused as to how this relates to the video concept but anyway
people seem to be pretty excited about her perpetual nudity, yadayadayada.
This does not excite me. The concept isn't remotely original and frankly, It got old after J.Lo's "Love Don't Cost A Thing" video.
Erykah, we know your secretly an exhibitionist who will jump to show her lady lumps. You don't got me fooled!

After being bored for about 5 minutes, the quote at the end is what struck me.
"They who play it safe are quick to assassinate what they do not understand. They move in packs ingesting more and more fear with every act of hate on one another. They feel most comfortable in groups, less guilt to swallow. They are us. This is what we have become--afraid to respect the individual. A single person within our circumstance can move one to change, to love herself, to evolve."

Judge the video for yourself and let me know what you think!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Learning Outside The Lines

This is the best book ever.
Every college and high school student should have it.
It covers all sorts of things like, how to write a paper, how to take notes effectively, and how to bullshit in class when you haven't done the reading.

It's written primarily for ADHD/LD students, but anyone can use it.
Kay and Kiwi give two thumbs up!

Friday, March 19, 2010

All Girls Don't Cut Their Hair After A Big Break Up, Some Go Into Porn...Daaaamn

Kristina Rose (I chose this picture just because of the cat ears)

We typically think of porn stars as bigbooty-buxom-loose-ladies with nothing else going for them, right? But there has to be a reason for this. Ya know any hoodrat-ho can get a job at Mickey D's.

Does anyone else one else spend their free time googling things like, "why do girls become pornstars?" "why don't porn stars use condoms/get pregnant?" "Do pornstars get STIs?" etc.

I know i sure do. Like really a sistah wants to know.

The conclusion I pretty much came to was that pornstars are washed up actresses and divorcees looking to get it in. Couldn't they just become video vixens or professional extras? Daaamn is it that serious? What happened to the olden days when chicks cut their hair and ate their own weight in Ben and Jerry's. Supposedly they get screened for STDs every month or they can't get work.
Hustle and Flow was a straight lie it's definately not "hard out here for a pimp" when this is what people resort to.

Check out my girl, Naomi Russell. She's about 26 now, and graduated high school at 13. This chick's a genius.

She was a legal analyst and a litigator. Sounds like good money to me, right? Umm not enough for her. She got a divorce and decided to quit her job to pursue a career in porn just shy of getting her masters.
Divorce turns women into sluts. [ooooh so that's why God doesn't condone it. I totally get it now, God.]
So uuhhh, I guess these years of porn are really gonna look good on her resume. I'd like to see how it goes down, when she's in the interview process and her bosses recognize her from her movies. So funny!

Anywho just because i'm not an advocate of such behaviour doesn't mean I'm gonna knock anyone else's hustle. One of my favorite blogs The Boobs has a new column where you can ask porn star, Kristina Rose, any and every question you have about her uh, (let's call it interesting) career choice.[Desboobs is definately a girl after my own heart!] Kristina is a really down-to-earth type of girl that just likes the motion of the ocean, I guess. Maybe she can change my mind about some of the aforementioned porn star stereotypes.
[probably not but at least I'll possibly understand it]

BTDubz if anyone has any answers to the above questions, feel free to post!

Listen to Charles Hamilton profess his love and question the profession of his favorite Pornstar, Lacey Duvalle

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Witches Brew

Ok, so I know i'm always complaining about how wack Long Island is and seriously it is but if you can find a really chill place in the midst of the wackness, it's all the better! Trust Me! I don't have a car and I don't know how to drive so I can't say I've explored much but last night my friend, Chad, another Long Island native took me to this really cool little place called The Witches Brew. It's in Hempstead, but It reminded me of Williamsburg, Broookllyynnnn. The ambiance is so relaxed. There are different color Christmas lights all around the perimeter. Everything is homemade--very hipsterish. It's mostly desserts, teas, coffee-->The beautiful things (All i need). Everything is pretty fairly priced in my opinion. The menu may make you dizzy at first, so you shouldn't try to read it under any kind of influence aha. It's written in ransom letter style with newspaper cutouts. Who would think you could find a piece of Brooklyn in Long Island? I'm psyched to go again, and again, and again. I would recommend that everyone go there and if you can't I'll take you ;)