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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Summer To Do List 2010: Explore NYC

So I've been making a summer to do list and one of the things on my list is to explore NYC. I Love NYC so why not? Here are a few websites that tell you everything going on in the Big Apple! I'm overwhelmed just looking at all the possibilities...

First Step: Getting there and getting around once you get there!

This may be useful for my Long Islanders! The easiest way to get the train schedule!

Other transportation websites
I love this one!

Second Step: Where am i gonna go? Equipped with reviews!

I just discovered this site today and i think i love it!

I use this one all the time! It tells you price ranges and such so...

This one's pretty tourist-y, but also tells you about concerts going on!

For my broke college students this has a bunch of free events!

A few more that i haven't really checked out:

Borrough Specific Sites!

BX -
Staten Island -
Brooklyn -
Queens -
Manhattan -

Tell me if you know any more good ones!

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