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Thursday, May 6, 2010

El Tigeerraassoooo

This is what i'd like to call productive procrastination. It's when you direct all your procrastination into performing one particular task so when you fail at life you at least have something to show for it!

So i heard this song El Tigeraso by Maluca and now it's my jaaaam!
The Beat, The Sodacans, the everything. Love Love Love, Check it out!

What's up with "El Tigeraso"?

Dominicans call the bad boys on the corner who are up to no good – but who have mad swag – Tigeres. "El Tigeraso" is the game or swag. Growing up, I would go visit my cousins or grandma Uptown. Back then, you couldn't get from one corner to the next without those "Tigeres" trying to holler at you. It was kinda outta control. Especially if you walked down Broadway. So the song "El Tigeraso" is poking fun at that whole situation. When I say "throwing all that Tigeraso in air," I mean: "You're throwing so much game at me (literally it's in the air... kinda like a fog) that I can't even get to next corner. Wassup wit that?"

From Maluca's Interview with Mun2

Around My Way We Call Them Limones, mhm. Well maybe that's just me and my friends.
All other things aside, I love me some Tigeres!

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