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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Originals vs. Samples

Really Lindsay?
I have no idea what to say about this.

Aaaaah, that's more like it!

Let's visit some good remakes/samples and erase that from our brains. Shall we?

Check the

Now for the remake!

I Have NO idea who made the original of this there are just so many damn versions!
Here's a notable one.



Listen to the Remake!

Are people allowed to be that attractive? Daamn, it's that tigeraso!

On to the next

Vs. the marvelous Remake!

Phew...I feel better now. How about you?


i'll start this off said...

What Lindsey Lohan was thinking to try to cover Edge of Seventeen, after Stevie Nicks's vocals were so amazing i will never know! Too much for her weak vocals to live up to.

I have a hard time appreciating remakes, especially if a song is brilliant to begin with.

Gossip Girl said...

Me too but Sara Bareilles and Gavin Degraw do it so well! I love they're remakes. Oh yeah and Adam Lambert too!