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Sunday, May 2, 2010

A little this, A little that


(This photo is by themorrigan @ deviant art)
So...there's a distinct difference between telling someone step by step how to do something and inspiring them to create their own different maybe more developed interpretation. (Btdubz this is what i love about Nylon Magazine. Now that i've matured i can move on from the step by step of Seventeen and do my own thing ooowww)

If you've read Steve Harvey's "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man." You would know that this is the essence of that book. I avoided the last 2 chapters like the plague cause wtf does that hafta do with me? but really the book is just about the psychology of the male versus the psychology of the female and how the female can manipulate that to get what they want out of a relationship. it's not like "make sure u put your hair in a red scrunchie every third thursday of the month." No no no! Lord knows i hate crap like that.

Why go from this

to This?


Well I was just on Facebook and if your an avid facebookee you've probably seen that group called "why do guys cheat on pretty girls with ugly girls?" or something like that. Some guys actually commented on the wall to give some incite saying things like "it's because the male mindset focuses on quantity, while the female mind focuses on quality." or in less words, they just wanna spread their damn seed.

I just saw this video posted in my newsfeed. (People may either get hyped up or tight cause my subject matter can reflect their statuses but i don't watch the news so...You guys inspire me! I don't care either way cause that means you reading my blog =) therefore I looove yooouu.)

This video explains the cheating idea more in depth.

Feel free to comment. Imaginary friends are cool and all but not for a blog!


Michelle (your real imaginary friend) said...

Ok, so I had to watch the video twice because I spent the first time staring at his face, but anywho it makes sense to me. People let a lot of stuff slide at first when you are attractive, but at some point they get sick of it. It is still wack to cheat on somebody though, but the concept of this whole thing makes sense.

KayHop said...

I agree with everything. (and the guy in the video is pretty attractive!)

It does make a lot of sense but i don't get why he wouldn't just be with the "ugly girl" and dump the pretty one? is it an image thing?