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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm An Extremist

I Over-exaggerate, over-react, over-everything
because I'm an extremist.

Moderation has never been my thing.
That whole less is more gimmick? never got it...

In fact, if i didn't know any better I'd put on so much makeup that i looked like a drag queen
because..... I'm an extremist.

I never learned the beauty of quiet power, silent strength.

I'd probably tap dance to get your attention rather than say something witty or cunning because....
you guessed it, I'm an extremist.

Maybe it's because i was "invisible" for so many years or the fact that I'm trying to over-compensate for my compact size.

Actually i'm much more likely to want to go bungee jumping or cliff diving than ride a motorcycle. You know why? Because I'm an effing extremist.

My Philosophy? All or None
If you can't finish don't start.
If you won't do it well, don't do it at all.

In fact if i was trying to kill off people i'd be more likely to use weapons of mass destruction than lethal gas.

I'm sure you know why.

Thank you! You may now return to your regular programming.


Michelle said...

Girl please get out of my head lol. I love your blog :)

Gossip Girl said...

Thank you!