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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?: Female Sexuality Edition

Why is it that when you tell someone your still a virgin and your over the age of 15 people look at you like you have the fucking plague, then they proceed to give you the sideways glare like that cashier who cuts your card in half at the store. They're all like the V-card? Nah, we don't take that here we only take American Express! something has to be wrong with you and if you sold your body on the corner, only then would you be accepted by them cause only then would you be on their level.


Second Scenario:
Any sexually liberated girl, that takes precaution but still gets it in--Beautiful mind, successful, but she likes to twerk it, explores herself while exploring someone else is all of a sudden a #BitschSlutHoSlideJumpoffSkeetProstitute, #Can'tTakeHerHomeToMomz, #GetInMyBackSeatBeforeIEvenBuyYouAMochaLatte!

Example: Stacey Cruzado (You may have seen her with Kid Cudi)
You know she's real because she uses her real name! You can search her on Facebook!

She studies art at the University of Toledo.
She obviously has major ambition, and brains. (Check her blog)
Is she a ho because she decided to pose for Playboy?

No No No, Where They Do That At?

Edit: I don't judge actions, I Judge motives behind the actions
Let's say the girl's doing it to boost her self esteem. Wouldn't condone that.
Let's say she's reacting to a traumatic experience like sexual abuse or rape. Wouldn't condone it but i'd respect it.
Let's say she's not having sex but she's just free spirited. Maybe likes to show off her body. That's her prerogative!

What do you think of this video? I totally understand what he's saying but is that really just "how it is" or is it men and women conforming to the pressures of society?

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