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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kay Mescudi talks music ;)

I'm beginning to realize i only mention Hip Hop in my blog but i'm not that one dimensional it's just the culture i relate to most. Really, I listen to a lot of different types of music depending on my mood. (My Pandora Widget is on the side.)

Let's explore, so there's Ella Fitzgerald which is the best to do normal every day homework, while John Williams' Memoirs of A Geisha Soundtrack is best for creative homework.

Alanis, Sia, and a lot of that bluesy-gospel sounding Gavin Degraw type stuff is best for that down and out type mood & anything acoustic is just sex-appeal to my ears.

Lykke Li, Regina Spektor, Amy Winehouse kind of music is just my everyday.

But then there are other artists like Paramore, CocoRosie and Alaine. I'm all over the damn place.

I have no idea where Hip Hop fits in to this but i'm just gonna tell you some of my favorite artists, not that i'm an expert or something.

My favorite rapper is Kanye West. He's conceited but he def has a reason! All his songs are beauty on a platter, that man can never go wrong. Oh, and have you read his blog? Few things inspire the craaaap out of me, but this is one of them. [This along with a healthy serving of Nylon Magazine, fashion shows, deviant art, and def poetry but we'll save that for a later blog.] This man's so well-rounded. LOOOVVEEEE.
Favorite Songs: I Wonder, Addiction, Big Brother, Crack Music...the list goes on

Next on my list is Wale. He talks conquers every subject i mentally wrestle with in such an eloquent way, and doesn't pick sides. He raps about negative aspects of Hip Hop culture and African American Culture as well as the parts he loves, like the fashion! The only thing about Wale is, he hasn't really made a cross-over banger that everyone loves. He needs to work more on the entertainment factor.
Favorite songs: Shades, The Kramer, The Manipulation, Pretty girls

Numero Dos is Kid Cudi. You can listen to Kid Cudi for a long time before you realize he doesn't say shit about shit. His raps are really simple and nursery rhyme sounding, but that's what i love because them. Their honest and not trying to hard to be anything else. A lot of his subject matter are musings, and personal reflection (which i'm a big proponent of), plus his singin' voice sounds kind of like John Legend! Get it! His albums and mixtapes are a full package, each different scenes from the movie that is his life. You can't have one without the other! Anyway me and Kid Cudi are getting married mad soon. (Call Me!)
Favorite Songs: 50 Ways To Make A Record, Mauie Wowie, Super Boo, Pursuit of Happiness, Ho' is short for Honey

Tercero is Wiz Khalifa. I can't really tell you what i like about him. His beats don't overpower his songs but they have enough going on to make you listen. He balances all the elements of a good rapper without being known for anything, specific. Kind of like a jack of all trades. I think it's his voice, and his swag. He has one of those listenable voices that you fall in love with subconsciously. Only thing is you can listen to a whole mixtape and probably only remember one song. His songs aren't memorable but i just love the sound of that man's voice!
Favorite Songs: Ink My Whole Body, Take Yo Bitch, The Thrill, Star Power, Weed Roller

Last but...least is J.Cole. I empathize with his plight which is similar to Drake's. He's just an average suburban-type boy, tryna make it. As a college student, i can dig it. His beats are so, for lack of a better word, boring. (Hook this man up with a producer!)He makes a statement. He's obviously educated and got the maad skills, but where's the entertainment factor. (Drake has him on that one, plus Drake sings too! Only thing about Drake is Young Money is making him more well known but way too commercial, yuuuuck.) Though i don't ever see Jay Z promoting J. Cole like he should, tiiisk, he definitely has a big future ahead of him.
Favorite Songs; Lights Off, Split You Up, Losing My Balance

Anyway so these are my favorite rappers right now.
On the flipside, Asher Roth is kinda wack to me cause he never says anything. His flow is .:thumbs up:. but his punchlines are waaack. "You know the world's gone mad when blacks wear plaid and Mariah has married Nick Cannon."<---way to make a statement, your world is very small. Broaden your horizons and get a new angle! You know how to make a hit (I Love College), just go the Soulja Boy route and sell out. & I hate the way Charles Hamilton samples. It's not smooth at all. I like those "oooh shoot, that's where they got that from?" samples. You know like how Jazmine Sullivan's "Bust Ya Windows" is sampled from "Crank Dat Souljaboy"? But some of his rhymes are iight and Brooklyn Girl is my jam! Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj and people of the like have surpassed rap and officially become popstars, sooorrry. Drake is not mentioned cause i can't figure out if i see him as a rapper, a singer, or a producer. Whatever it is, I Like it!

You Know You Love Me,
Gossip Girl

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