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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Beautiful People...

Okay, so I have this awkward thing for those Afro-Mexicans. Maybe it's my inner Belizean but....

This song seemed appropriate.

Kid Cudi

kid cudi Pictures, Images and Photos

This was to me, ofcourse.

Stacey Dash

& finally, @ 42 after having a couple of kids...jikfdjignekfoj?!?!?!?!?!??!!!!

Necole Bitchie said that Stacey's possibly going through a midlife crisis but i think shes tryin to promote her underwear line.

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Let's not forget Sheila E.

& Allegedly Jimi Hendrix


AfroChica said...

I had not a clue Kid Cudi had a lil Spanish blood in him? Hmmm learn something new everyday

BTW: I heart that song too!! I got that album on constant rotation!

Gossip Girl said...

I've always kind of liked vampire weekend but never really listened to them. Kid Cudi did a track over there song Ottoman which i loooveeee so. (it's called cudderisback if you don't know it) & yes his dad is Mexican!