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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


"Having ADHD feels natural to me - seeing as I have always been this way. What I can say - now that I am aware that I have it - is that the diagnosis has given me an awareness how much it has impacted my life. I do get disgusted with myself because of my procrastination, yet the disgust has not propelled me into attempting to change my ways.

I guess the most overwhelming feeling related to ADHD is that of knowing about my lost potential - that I will likely never reach my potential. Hopefully I can settle for being a good (though perceived as scatterbrained by my family) person." - At Heart

I'm pretty sure the fact that i'm even attending college is self-deprecating because it not only facilitates but perpetuates the false labeling. I'm sure you've heard them lazy, withdrawn, slow, etc..


Michelle said...

I have never been diagnosed with ADD, but when I was in counseling in the last couple of years, my counselor wanted to give me an assessment because she believed that I probably do. Well, we never got around to it (surprise, surprise lol) so I was never diagnosed. I might want to get around to doing that though lol. She always told me that when you are very talented and intelligent it is so easy to mask these things like ADD and depression (I am actually diagnosed with that). I guess it is time for me to take that mask off, it has finally caught up with me. I appreciate you being so open about it. You have inspired me to go talk to someone.

KayHop said...

I love you for reading my blog.
I think it's pretty easy to figure out if you have it. I masked it all through high school b/c it was easy for me but as soon as i got to college i was like whoa i need to get this checked out! I first thought i had it when i was about fourteen and they had an article about it in Seventeen magazine that came with a quiz. I checked almost every box.

It's actually a huge problem and it's best to get it checked out sooner than later. I wish i would've known this before! It kicked my ass when i went to Fordham but it's getting better everyday.
I wish you luck in all your future endeavors!