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Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Facebook About Me

I lust after possibility.
I meow randomly.
I type in British English.
I wish i stopped aging at 18.
I'm socially awkward, yet outgoing.
I'm a cool contradiction.
I don't speak in absolutes.
I like double entendres.
I think social networking and texting is impersonal.
So, let's hang out!
I generally have a problem with youth culture.
I'm starting to reject it.
Don't try to make sense of me, if you're the type of person that has to make sense of everything.You will fail.
Just accept, observe, and comment.
I'll do the same for you.
I judge the content of your character, not your habits.
I judge your intentions not your actions.
I don't judge you.
I like being so happy I'm jealous of myself.
I enjoy recognition, but not attention.
I think there's no alternative to straightforwardness paired with rhetorical sensitivity.
I'm a bit ridiculous.
If anything goes wrong in your life. It's cause you were hungry,
I like activities that are stimulating but not too fast-paced.
If Katy Perry and Andre 3000 have a baby, It might be me.
What other people think of me doesn't dictate my decisions, but anyone who says they don't care what other people think is full of it.
I'm a Pisces to every extent of the word.
I think God is that dude. I believe in miracles.
I'm a dreamer.
I like poetry.
I like music, guitars, and Hip Hop.
I'm not a fan of pedantry or narcissism.
I'm a former cynic, present skeptic, and future iconoclast.
I don't understand why we should believe the textbooks.
I've never met a textbook i could trust, or a person who wrote one.
I love to analyze and observe.
I'd like to pick you're brain, if you'll let me.
I'll choose debating over arguing any day.
I believe in practical resolutions, not contests of who has more people on their side or who makes the most noise. #LAME
I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt. Some perceive that as being gullible.
I can make an excuse for anything but that doesn't mean I'll believe it.
I'm open-minded.
I'm random.
I love all forms of self-expression.Self

-expression is therapeutic.
I think everyone should be aware of their natural hair texture and all skin colors are beautiful!
I'll fall in love with your imperfections.
I'm a big fan of unconventional beauty.
I like signature and statement pieces, piercings and tattoos!
I believe the human body is a canvas.
Selfless people rock my world, and make my ankles shake.
When everything's changing, i like to have a constant.
Be my constant.
I didn't know i was different until i tried to fit in and people wouldn't stop telling me i was different!
I like being unique.
I like that you're unique!
I love people, people like you!


Michelle said...

Please get out of my head lol. I am a Pisces to the fullest too. I love it :)

KayHop said...

That explains why we agree on so many things! People don't understand us pisces. They always think i'm on drugs or something then i hafta hit them with the staleface x_x

You're like the most loyal follower ever. Can you like post something about my blog on w/e social networking site you use? I'll return the favor =)

Michelle said...

I got u :)