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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Let's Link Up!

11 Resolutions For Every College Student This Year

Emily Bennington blogs about 11 things she regrets not doing en universidad. Her advice is pretty legit. I think I'll try it.

Why It's A Great Time To Be A Journalism Major

We hear so much about how journalism is dying (especially print journalism). Though I've recently changed my major to philosophy, I found the author's pov refreshing. and

Jeanette Jenkins has been involved in personal training for over 20 yrs but she doesn't look a day over 20 so I'm definitely taking her advice. She's also doing a Healthy Living Challenge on twitter (!/JeanetteJenkins) which I plan on starting tomorrow.

P.S. Reruns of Sex& The City are playing on E every weeknight at 8. Tomorrow will be Day 4 don't miss it.

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